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Paws in the Park – Hop Farm, Kent

Sept 2010

With thanks to Paul Tester for the photos.

Miranda Purves drives her pair of Fells with Natalie Jenner grooming and Splash behind.
Yana Everest, a junior member of the team, drives Polo with Celia Gilbert and Poppy. Behind is John Mapleden driving Shadow with Donna Simmons and Milo.
Anna Day’s Lottie is just beginning to work as a carriage dog and demonstrates how the dogs start off on the lead.
Anne Dickens’ Munin picks up a dropped whip ready to return it to Anne on the carriage.

Hereford Driving Club’s Summer Fun Day

Jane Friend drives her new pony pair with Sue Beamon grooming with her dog Benson behind at Hereford Driving Club’s fun drive, at Burton Court in August. Alex Friend has the horses’ heads and Peter Friend is bringing the all important refreshments!
Pat Dutson and her dog Cato at the same drive.

BDS Concours D’Attelage de Tradition

Mr Darcy works at the BDS Concours D’Attelage de Tradition (which in plain English is a French Competition showing coupling of horses in a traditional manner!)

Read more about this event [here]

Ron and Maggie Gallop’s Mr Darcy trots behind his carriage at the BDS’ Concours D’Attelage de Tradition at Helmingham Hall in Suffolk.
working on the road

Only Paws and horses Carriage Dog Display – More pictures here.

Miranda Purves’ Splash demonstrates a turn of speed behind her carriage at the Only Paws and Horses display at the Hop Farm in Kent.
Munin rides on her carriage (always a useful trick in case of a cut pad) after demonstrating some extra obedience exercises, including picking up a dropped glove, a send away from the carriage with a recall, and picking up a dropped whip. Her son Fenris runs behind.
Gail Cotterill’s Skittle demonstrates a down stay beside Sue Stevens’ carriage.

Working Horse Trust Open Day

Carriage Dogs display at Working Horse Trust Open Day in July

Fenris runs behind Anne Dickens’ Percheron Nobel, with new BCDS committee member Celia Gilbert as groom, displaying in front of appreciative crowds at the Working Horse Trust Summer Open Day in July in Kent. (n.b. The BCDS recommends all drivers and passengers wear safety hats.)
Gail Cotteril runs Skittle behind Daniel Brown’s coloured cob driven by son Sam with brother Toby grooming, kindly turned out especially for the carriage dog display at the Working Horse Trust Open Day.

First snow of winter 2010

pictures of some of our carriage dogs and horses enjoying the snow!

Anne’s crew – clockwise from blue rug – Polka, Polo, Nobel, Parker with dals Fenris and Munin in the middle.
John Wilmot with his young dog Ruby show us all how to get around properly in the snow! John is grooming for his son Maurice who is driving pony Dinky – they were all enjoying the snow at Tatton Park Knutsford, Cheshire. Ruby is a very versatile carriage, sledge and dancing dog.
Lottie having fun running alongside her owner Anna Day’s sledge on the hills of Tenterden.
Sue and Raoul Beaman’s Benson is in training as a carriage dog.
Alison Burgess’ Danny takes a roll.
And Alison’s Tally playing.
Widget, Socks and Cloud – Maura Reade’s three ponies – sharing a hay net.
L-R Levi, Domino and Bob – three of Maura Reade’s dogs.
Chris and Mike Cleland’s Fonzi in the snowy woods….
… and his housemate Gunner in the same woods.
Kate Sandel with her rescue Dal Herbie out on Dartmoor.
The Hereford and District Driving Group decided to downsize the whole show in 2010, so although there was no Carriage Dog Class, two Dalmatians were made welcome and entered Concour d’Elegance. These were Merlot owned by Jane Friend and Cato a Dalmatian Welfare dog owned by Pat Dutson. Here they are with fellow drivers in front of the beautiful venue – Hampton Court – Herefordshire version! Thanks to the Hereford Club.



John Wilmot and Ruby
Kevin Smith encourages his dog Neo to follow by tempting him with a treat between the legs – a risky strategy!
Fay Moffat Roberts with Ollie
The Western gang: Benson with Sue, Ollie with Smudge and Fay, Buttons with Lester and Denise, Ruby with John, Holly with Karen, Daisy-Mae with Susan, Cato with Neil and Pat, Molly with Marianne, Neo with The Smith Family, Kobi with Michael, Smudge with Jane, Misty and Amber (the Lab) with Peter.
A group of eager trainees joined Jane Friend and her team to train for future trials.
Mandy Reddock and her horse Jasper volunteered to help with the training day.


A big team of SE carriage dogs put on a display at this big canine extraganza.

The last display of the weekend was quite a challenge for the dogs, who were all wondering why we were going round and round the same field – yet again! Celia Gilbert’s Poppy was not the only dog to leave her carriage for something more interesting. Here she decides to join Fenris behind Anne Dickens’ cart.
Crosbie, Munin and Fenris wait to go to work!.
Gail Cotterill’s Silver Carriage Dog Skittle behind Sue Stevens with Jacko.
Donna Simmons with Milo – John Mapleden drives skewbald Shadow
Fenris demonstrates the speed exercise.
Anna Day’s Lottie demonstrates how we start dogs off in the carriage dog training.
Munin shows she can ride on the carriage as well as run behind.

The first Irish Carriage Dog Training

June 2010. Read about the day and view more pictures here.

Irish Trials 4th/5th September more details here.

Sarah Morgan hides under a sheet with Bandit trying to find her while trainer Alison Burgess looks on.
Frances Ryan tests Pollyanna’s instinct to work with Sarah Mullins’ carriage pulled by her Section D stallion Yanto.


A big team of SE carriage dogs put on a display at this event and were joined by a smaller Dashing Dalmatian team displaying their synchronised obedience skills.

Celia Gilbert’s Poppy does her first ever demonstration (on the lead for safety).
Munin waits on command behind her carriage at the Only Paws and Horses display at the Hop Farm in Kent.
Donna Simmons’ Milo is in training for the Nationals.
Gail Cotterill’s Silver Carriage Dog Skittle behind Sue Stevens with Jacko.
Anne Dickens’ Fenris stays behind his carriage
Celia Gilbert’s Poppy sits alongside her carriage
Anne Dickens’ Munin demonstrates running on command on the off side of the vehicle. This is useful to avoid hazards on the pavement or in the kerb.
Miranda Purves’ Splash stays behind her carriage

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