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Edenbridge and Oxted Show August 2011

A carriage dog display for a delighted crowd at the end of the day at Edenbridge and Oxted country show. Thanks to Helen Bridges, Pippa Ellen and Sue Stevens for turning out to drive for our Dalmatians and to Jeff Jones for the photos

Brother and sister Fenris and Freya do their usual double act behind Anne Dickens’ Parker’s cart.
Anna Day’s Lottie and Pippa Ellen’s Lily show how we get the dogs started with their training on a lead.
Pippa’s lovely mini-Shetland pair Pumpkin and Annie show a turn of speed for Celia Gilbert’s Poppy to do the same.
Anne Dickens’ Fenris runs for the first time with Helen Bridge’s Bennington with RDA pony Prince.
Gail Cotterill’s Skittle found Sue Stevens’ new Windover Dog Cart (vintage 1870) too tempting as on his first time working with it, he went right underneath both axles – Gail will be working on encouraging him to work further back for safety from now on.
Anne Dickens’ Munin rides on the carriage following her extra carriage dog tricks, including picking up a lost whip – below – with Fenris and Freya behind.
Munin picks up Anne’s whip and gives it to her on the carriage.

Julie Swindells and four Dalmatians took to a fairytale Cinderella Coach to escort Julie’s friend in her wedding carriage in May in Thelkeld near Keswick in Cumbria while Julie grooms

Julie Swindells’ three Dalmatians trotting behind l-r Clover, Fern, Rolex, with Merlin (right) owned by the carriage driver Roy Pennington. What a fabulous wedding photo for the happy couple Diane and James.
Posing for the album.

Carriage Dog Display at the Working Horse Trust in July 2011.

Carriage Dogs Skittle, Fenris and Munin all took to the Working Horse Trust at the end of July to do a display of the working carriage dog with working draft horses. The WHT is a charity dedicated to preserving and promoting the heavy horse breeds of this country and Europe. (Thanks to Jeff Jones Imaging for these pics.

More lovely pics from this event on Paul Tester’s site here

Download a video of Fenris working with Nobel here

Anne Dickens rides Noriker Mo with her Dalmatians Munin and Fenris to show the Road Dog at work.
Munin retrieves a dropped glove for Anne.
Gail Cotterill’s Skittle works behind Dan Brown’s marathon carriage driven by Naomi Brown and pulled by coloured cob Eddie.
Skittle demonstrates the stay exercise.
Anne Dickens’ Fenris works behind her Percheron Nobel’s Victorian market cart with Celia Gilbert grooming.
Taking part in the grand parade at the end of the show.

National Ploughing Championships in Athy, Co Kildare

One of Europe’s largest agricultural shows photos courtesy of Mel Doyle

Domino and Levi display behind Maura Reade’s Widget.
Eddie O’Connell’s Cosmo does a fine job at his first display with Maura Murphy driving Frankie. Just as well Cosmo worked well as it looks as though Eddie had to concentrate on keeping his hat on!

Burns Dog Days Out 2011

The second mega canine event held by Burns Pet Foods in Pembrey Country Park, Wales where we put on a carriage dog display. Read all about it here.

Avril Pluck’s Spin flashes a smile at the camera as she does a turn in the display ring, with Harry grooming for a pretty Welsh pony loaned to Avril for the day.
Lester Dagge’s Buttons takes a peep at the goings on as she awaits her turn in the ring.

Le Trec in style

Julie Swindells entered her local Le Trec event. Le Trec is a carriage driving competition where horse and carriage have to navigate a short endurance course within an allotted time as well as tackle a course of various obstacles. These are tricky competitions without dogs, so hats off to Julie for competing in style with her four Dalmatians working behind! And what a lovely sight.

Entering the stay circle – hard to get the whole turnout in!
Navigating the road works.
And afterwards in the Fancy Dress competition as you know who!

South East Trials 2011

Mary Kinsey’s young liver dog Eddie did a Training Round on the lead and his Bronze endurance to gain an INstinct Certificate. Trials stalwart Miranda Purves drives Addy to enable Eddie to take part. Eddie’s sister Lizzie gained her certificate for owner Tony Fincham at the SE Training Day in August.
Veteran carriage dog Woody owned by Alison Burgess has a go at the Gold certificate at 12 years old with Donna Simmons driving (I think!) Diesel for him. As you can see, the weather had turned very wet by then.
Pippa Ellen drover Pumpkin and Annie for another competitor and then entered her young dog Lily for her Instinct Certificate on a lead.
Ron Gallop handles Bronze Road Dog Miss Mollie from the groom’s position with John Maplesden driving Axle.
Alison Burgess’ Tally does her Gold Certificate test in the rain; here she is in the hock exercise.
Cynthia Styles-Forsyth’s Penny Patch in the speed exercise alongside Tally.
Gail Cotteril’s Emily peeps out from behind her carriage, with Jacko driven by Sue Stevens.
Alex Cobb-McGill’s Madge doing an axle exercise on lead with Isobel Standen driving Norman.
Anna Day’s Lottie in the speed exercise.
Pippa Ellen’s lovely mini-Shetland pair Pumpkin and Annie whose speed belies their size, with Anna Day’s Lottie behind.
Donna Simmon’s Milo in the hock exercise alongside Diesel.
Gail COtterill’s Emily n the speed exercise; Sue Stevens drives Jacko.
Roz Glick’s Maggie in the axle exercise; Isobel Standen drives Shadow.
Colin Healey’s Florence in the axle exercise with Diana Burford driving Juno; Florence was awarded Best Conditioned Dog.
Jan Worden drives Osh with Max in the axle exercise on his training round.
Ali Rummey judged these trials on Monty. In the obedience ring beyond at their first trials is Jan Worden driving Osh with Max alongside and Caroline GArland Jones grooming.

Shane’s Castle Game Fair in Ireland

Robert Tapson with CoDot demonstrate the working carriage dog at the Shane’s Castle Game Fair in Ireland

Click here to watch a video (click the Shane’s Castle link under the What’s On tab and then play the video – the section runs from 13:49 – 15:08 you can drag the time bar to fast forward)

The 2011 1001 Ride

A host of people from all around the UK and Ireland went out with their Dalmatians for a fun ride in June to help the British Carriage Dog Society to promote the working Road Dogs. The 1001 ride celebrated the fact that the total mileage covered by competing Dalmatians at all the Carriage Dog Trials since they began in 2003 tipped over the 1,000 milestone last year. 50 dogs took part covering 300 miles between them and raising £312 for Welfare and BCDS. Here is one owner’s story. Jan Worden from Cambridgeshire hadn’t ridden out with her Dalmatian Max and horse Carol (an ex-racehorse) before.

Here are Jan Worden’s Carol and Max taking a break on their 10 mile ride

“I took the bull by the horns and went out for a long old ride with my Dally today and we completed 10 miles.

I decided to take my lovely Thoroughbred out rather than the pony. It’s a more comfy ride for me, over distance (my little guy has to put in four times as many trot strides as my big girlie, so you’re up and down like a yo-yo! )

What we did was ride along a place called the New Bedford River. It’s basically a canal put in to drain the Fens by the Dutch back in the 17th century. So we’re talking long and straight, here! There is a bridleway which runs from a village called Mepal to (approximately) another village called Pymoor. The rationale, from my point of view, was that my Dally, Max, who has only come out with the horse once before, would be certain to stay with us since the bridleway is fenced both sides. As it turned out, I needn’t have worried. He soon got the idea and came along very nicely.

Of course, Max is used to following a carriage pulled by a Welsh Section C who’s not a whisker over 13 hands. Now, make no mistake, that pony can really move when he’s asked. But, with great respect to him, it ain’t no match for a 16.3 ex-racer. To be fair to the poor dog, we mostly walked and trotted. The horse has a big, swinging stride and Maxi had to Dally trot along to keep up for the most part. Also, it was quite hot out there. However, we did have a couple of fast canters and good ol’ Max came chasing up behind.

We stopped at the half-way point for about 15 mins to let the dog rest and cool down, then turned around and went back. Max got his second wind and was really happily padding along. At the end of the trail, he had a nice long drink and then popped back on the van.

As I write this, I have one happy Dally sleeping on my feet, under my desk. Horse had a good time, too. I can alway tell. When I get off, she puts her beautiful head on my chest and gently rubs it up and down. My favourite ‘Thank-you’ Ahh!! Aren’t they wonderful? Love ’em to bits. I’m so lucky to have such fantastic four-legged friends.”

Download a thank you letter from British Dalmatian welfare here

Here Jan takes a picture over Carol’s shoulder
Maggie Gallop is learning to ride her driving horse Jos. This is what she had to say: “I rode Jos and Ron was on his bike! Miss Mollie was on the Springer for the start and end of the ride because of her predilection for chasing rabbits. We covered five miles around Wormingford airfield which has a thriving glider club. I have not been riding long and was somewhat anxious about the distance, the gliders taking off and landing, and the big water pipe that Jos had to jump if we were ever going to get home again. In the end, Ron had to demonstrate to Jos how it should be done! I was relieved to be still in the saddle at the end of the ride. Miss Mollie proved once again what a very good road dog she is. Mr Darcy showed little interest in being a road dog although his behaviour was immaculate, as ever. Well, he is a gold carriage dog!”
The walkers in the Western region take a break
Riders leave Miranda Purves farm in Kent for their eight mile ride
Sarah Balkwill flies the flag for Surrey with her dog Daisy and horse Lightening
In West Sussex Ali Rummey rode Monty with her dogs Domino and Demi, Tim Stafford borrowed Wendy to ride out with Todd, and Cynthia Styles-Forsythe rode Tally with her two Daphne and Penny Patch.
The Welsh contingent comprised Kelly and Wes Evans riding Jonas and Dipsy with Disco and Molly and Sharon Smith riding her eventer Sam (Sharon took her dogs the day before!). Kelly said “It was totally super, Wes and I couldn’t thank Sharon and her mother enough for putting this together for us. We estimated we rode 16 miles with Disco and Molly (not forgetting that Disco is 11 this month and took it in her stride!)”.
Morag and Dave Brockie represented Scotland for us by driving their Section B pony Rosco out with their two 11 year old Dalmatians Juno (who went the full distance) and Milo (who guarded the house with terrier Barney!)
Anna Day and Lottie cycle Hove seafront.
Kent ride leader Miranda Purves on Fell Harry saying hello to Alison Burgess’ pony Danny with Tally waiting for the off.
Peter Friend’s Arab mare Widget with Misty running alongside
Marion Greene kindly hosted the Ireland riders: here she is riding Molly, Dorothy Pietruszesk riding Widget and Arthur Greene on Lily joined by Domino, and Levi owned by Maura Reade, Poppy owned by Celia Gilbert (on a training holiday!) and Max owned by Adam Goodwin riding Kruger. (Maura went by bicycle!)
In the Cotswolds Felicity Mee took out hunter Bruce with her Dalmatian Lucky and friend Chris Carruthers on Chester
Walkers with their Dalmatians in Kent on a hot Sunday afternoon in the countryside
Fay Moffat Roberts rides Teegan with Smudge and Peter friend rides Widget with Misty. Jane friend was walking and said: “We had a very enjoyable day out with two road dogs plus Helena on her bicycle with her little bitch. We had a nice group on foot including Amber the Labrador who enjoys very muddy swims in conveniently handy ponds and roadside gullies! Smudge and Misty represented Road Dogs and send a message to all Dals that going out with a horse is the life! The only thing that was nearly as good was sharing a picnic which everyone enjoyed especially with Sue’ cakes. So as you see Maggie and Colin did a great job with a lovely course and again the Speech House came up trumps as a really fantastic venue.”

Speech House Hotel

In April the Western Region ran a training trials at the Speech House Hotel in Gloucestershire.

Some stills from Anthony Ball Photography here [Media:]

The Western gang at the training trials
Neo earned an instinct certificate for is owners the Smith family and showed he was an old hand at the Western Training
Fay Moffat-Roberts training her welfare dog Smudgie to be a road dog
Marianne Taylor with Mollie backstep with Mandy Reddock and Jasper
Sue Beaman’s Benson gets the once over from vet judge Rachel Mowbray
Liver dog Cato listens in as the Trainee Judges discuss his performance with Pat and Neil Dutson

BCDS workshop

The day before the Western training trials the BCDS ran a workshop for potential trials organisers and officals.

Workshop participants
Alison Burgess prepares before the participants arrive
Ali Rummey presents at part of the workshop
Demonstrating a post trials massage
More inspection!

Irish Carriage Dog Trials

Maura Reade’s Domino qualifies as a Gold Carriage Dog, with Maura as whip handler, and gets the Best Conditioned Dog award.
Competitors and friends relaxing at Kilkea Lodge farm after the trials.
Robert Tapson with Codot in the axle exercise with Marj Doyle driving Beauty.
Alison Burgess’ Tally the axle exercise with Dawn O’Donnell driving Lady.
Ali Rummey’s Demi completed a Silver Carriage Certificate (the obedience test without the endurance element) with Hazel Hughes driving Tom.
Road and carriage dog judge Tim Stafford congratulates Gill Pavey on the Instinct Certificates awarded to her dogs Deccy and Dizzy.
Fenris in the stay exercise with Anne Dickens on Sarah Mullins’ Yanto.
Andrea O’Donnell opted for a training round on the lead with Ruby – here she is in the stay. Maura Murphy drove Frankie for her.
Eddie O’Donnell’s Cosmo gets some training in with Tim Stafford helping – he later went on to complete an Instinct test.
At the South East Shire Horse Association show in May, Anne Dickens took her carriage dog Fenris into the show ring with Percheron Nobel who was entered in the ‘Ladies Cart’ class with his Victorian Market Car. Thanks to Tony Golding for the pics – more from this show here SESHA

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