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Training in the South East July 2014.

An introduction to back-stepping kindly offered by Helen Bridges and Finn for Lauren Wheaton and Karen Sager with Blake and Bryn respectively. Alison Burgess helps with the introduction to carriage dog work.

Helen Bridges drives Finn with Alison Burgess guiding the dogs at a SE driving and carriage dog taster event.
Karen Sager tries out backstepping.
Lauren backsteps while Alison handles Blake to give him a taste of being a working carriage dog.
Lauren takes the groom’s position at Finn’s head while Karen and Bryn sort themselves out at the backstep.
Karen and Bryn celebrate a successful first day’s carriage dogging!
Lauran and Blake after their day training.

The Western Group did a display of carriage dog work for their local Riding Club

Here are the Western Group in all their finery doing the display. L-R Mork driven by Giselle Lockett, groom Marianne Taylor with Dalmatian Molly. Mr Darcy driven by David Smith with groom Jane and Tim Lockett handling his dogs Louis and Dimmers. Far right is Julie Wedgebury driving Ronnie with groom Jill Bache at his head and Sue Beaman and her Dalmatian Benson, being interviewed for the spectators by husband Raul.

Other events

Jane drives her Dartmoor Rosie for Benson and Phoebe with Sue Beaman grooming at the Carriages at the Castle event at Picton, Herefordshire.
The BCDS had a stand at Dogslive Saturday 21st June. Here are some of or visitors.
Alison Burgess driving Jacko to her round back gig, with husband Tim grooming and Tally demonstrating the role of the carriage dog at this year’s London Harness Horse Parade
The Midlands Training Day participants all looking pretty pleased with themselves after a successful day’s training and instinct tests. Back row l to r: Ekko (Norwegian Fjord), Ali Rummey (trainer), Alison Burgess (trainer), Jane Stretton driving a Fenix with Harry (Welsh Section D). Front row l to r: Anne Finlay with Fanny and Thomas, Kate Lockwood with Poppy , Fiona Hartley with Elsa, Fay Moffat-Roberts with Louis, Tim Lockett with Dimmers and Cuba, Sue Beaman with Ellie, Josiane Kaal with Lemmie.
Wendy Ridly with Hugo joined Alison Burgess for a nine mile promenade at this year’s Windsor drive. What a lovely setting to show off the working carriage dog.
Giselle and Tim Lockett’s three – Dimmers, Cuba and Louis – practising in the Wyre Forest, with Giselle driving Mork.
Carriage Dog Champion Spin is featured in the month of March in the 2014 Carriage Driving Magazine Calendar – here she is with her owner Avril Pluck and whip Felicity Stubbs at the Picton Castle Carriages at the Castle event in 2013. Photo: Antony Reynolds.

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