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Irish Trials 2011 Results

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Domino owned by Maura Reade qualified as a Gold Carriage Dog and was awarded Best Conditioned Dog by the vet judge. Widget the pony was also Best Conditioned Horse.
Carriage Dog Silver-Groom HandlerQualifiedTallyAlison Burgess
Carriage Dog Silver-Groom HandlerQualifiedCodotRobert Tapson
Carriage Dog GoldQualifiedDominoMaura ReadeBest Conditioned Dog
Carriage Certificate (Silver)DemiAli Rummey
Instinct Certificate - CarriageDeccyGill Pavey
Instinct Certificate - CarriageDizzyGill Pavey
Instinct Certificate - CarriageCosmoEddie O'Connell
Instinct Certificate - CarriageEveEddie O'Connell
Also participatedFenrisAnne Dickens
Also participatedRubyAndrea O'Donnell
WidgetMaura ReadeBest Condition Horse

Irish Trials 2010 Results

Pictures of the trials day here

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A report from Sarah Morgan here

Report by Anne Dickens on the Carriage Driving Ireland site Carriage Driving Ireland

Link to Donkey Breed Society here

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CoDot owned by Robert Tapson qualified as a Bronze Carriage Dog showing a strong natural instinct for his work and was awarded Best Conditioned Dog by the vet judge and was first recipient of the Wheelgates Trophy donated by Alison Burgess.
Carriage Dog BronzePreviously QualifiedLeviMaura Reade
Carriage Dog Bronze-Groom HandlerQualifiedUliFolke Rohrssen
Carriage Dog Bronze-Groom HandlerQualifiedDemiAli Rummey
Carriage Dog Bronze-Groom HandlerQualifiedCodotRobert TapsonBest Conditioned Dog
Carriage Dog SilverPreviously QualifiedDominoMaura Reade
Carriage Dog Silver-Groom HandlerQualifiedPoppyCelia Gilbert
Road Dog SilverQualifiedFenrisAnne Dickens
Road Dog SilverQualifiedToddTim Stafford
Instinct Certificate - CarriageRubyAndrea O'Donnell
Instinct Certificate - CarriageNellPaul Stacey
Also participatedPollyannaFrances Ryan

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