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The 2019 Fenix Carriage Dog Trials were held in Fordingbridge

Margaret Honeybourne who travels all the way from the Isle of Wight to score for us.
Carriage Dog Bronze (Groom Handler)ButtonsMiranda Purves1stGinny Williams
Carriage Dog Silver (Groom Handler)RosieDebbie Morgan1stJo Pitts
Carriage Dog Certificate (Silver)MiaSara GreenPeter Preen
Carriage Dog Certificate (Gold)MollyLiesel Thorner Clare Turner
Also competed
LibbyKatherine MidgelyChris Kirk
IndianaKatherine MidgelyChris Kirk
MarcyLiesel ThornerClare Turner
RosieDebbie MorganBest Condition Dog
ShamrockJo PittsBest Condition Horse
LibbyKatherine MidgleyJudge's Special