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Results of the 2021 Fenix Carriage Dog Trials held on the the 23rd and 24th October at Tenantry Farm

Carriage Dog Gold (Groom Handler)RosieDebbie Morgan1stChris Kirk and Jo Pitts
Carriage Dog Bronze (Groom Handler)HenryDi Nicholson1stChris Kirk & Pam Evans
Carriage Dog Bronze (Groom Handler)TillyTim Stafford2ndTeresa White
Best Conditioned DogRosieDebbie Morgan
Best Conditioned HorseSammyChris Kirk
Also competedIndianaKatherine MidgleyPeter Preen
LibertyKatherine MidgleyPeter Preen
MonaLiesel ThornerJudges SpecialPam Evans

Resuts of the Mini Trial on the 4th of July, 2021 at Tenantry Farm

Chris Kirk with Sammy enjoying the drive out on course with the paw perfect Daisy and handler Megan.
Carriage Dog Bronze (Groom Handler)DaisyMegan Healy1stChris Kirk and Shammy
Carriage Dog Bronze (Groom Handler)LemmieJohn Davies2ndPeter Preen and Charlie
Carriage Dog Bronze (Groom Handler)JennaDebbie Morgan3rdJo Pitts and Shamrock
Also competed
MonaLiesel ThornerLorna Hullah and Gerry
JessNina PacePam Evans and April
ChesterJade SalkeldPeter Preen and Charlie
LeyaJosiane KaalCazzy Glennie and Billy
OllieFay Moffat-RobertsSue Baigent and Ben