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Results of the 2022 Carriage Dog Trials held on the the 17th and 18th September, 2022 at Tenantry Farm

The National Trials 2022 was sponsored by Westways Carriage Horses

Our Sponsors – Westways Carriage Horses
Carriage Dog Silver (Groom Handler)JennaDebbie Morgan1stSue Wiles
Carriage Dog Bronze (Groom Handler)PodrickSara Richards1stJen Vaniwaarden
Carriage Dog Bronze (Groom Handler) CertificateOllyFay Moffat-RobertsCertificatePeter Preen
Best Conditioned DogJennaDebbie MorganSue Wiles
Best Conditioned HorseCharlieSue WilesTeam Highsteppers
Best RescueOllyFay Moffat-RobertsPeter Preen
Judge’s SpecialOllyFay Moffat-RobertsPeter Preen
Also competedDaisyMegan HealeyChris Kirk
MarthaSarah-Jane FinchPaula Edwards
MonaLiesel ThornerPam Evans
HollyFay Moffat-RobertsPeter Preen
Fay and Ollie on the obedience course

Resuts of the Mini trials 2022

Carriage Dog Bronze (Groom Handler)LibbyKatharine Midgely1stPam Evans and April
Carriage Dog Bronze (Groom Handler)Ali Jamie Auld 2ndChris Kirk and Sammy
Carriage Dog Bronze (Groom Handler)DorisSarah-Jane Finch 3rdDave Bull and Holly
Also competedPoppy Karen Reed Jo Pitts and Shamrock
Mona Liesel Thorner Lorna Hullah and Gerry
Olly Fay Moffat-Roberts Chris Kirk and Sammy
Mona enjoying the course with driver Lorna Hullah and her pony Gerry
The groom handler, Liesel, was also the organiser of the regionals and the National competition 2022!